Sunday, February 26, 2012

This moment was the perfect teacher- Pema Chodron. Yet another great oral tradition, using the bummers in life to teach us to accept the bummers in life.

Age of Empathy - Frans de Waal. Not the most precise formulation of ideas, but the numerous anecdotes about primates and other animals made this worth the time.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Books read since December
Thinking, Fast & Slow - Kahneman (superb. DK is Fast, Amos was Slow) 2x
Alan Lomax - John Szwed (Amazing struggle)
10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage - Gottman (Usable info; not quite science. It struck me that the complainer in most dialogs was gendered female, even if the complaint was one I've myself voiced.)
The Social Animal - David Brooks (Absurd narrative device flattens time; boner for behavioral economics almost laughably targeted to my own little ego)
A billion wicked thoughts - Ogi Ogas (Only skimmed, but the darkened room experiment surprised me)
Design Sponge at Home - Grace Bonney (Tabbed many pages, full of interesting decorative ideas)
Whateverland - Alexis Stewart (Yuck. Can pretty people have uglier interiority?)
Adapt - Tim Harford (Lucid, interesting; still wish I knew more about encouraging experimental approach)
Too Big to Know - David Weinberger (1st chap is good, need to go all in)
Money - Martin Amis (Stunning)
Paying for it - Chester Brown (Even in prostitution, there is authentic feeling)
Reality is Broken - Jane McGonigal (Best book on games I've read)
What Technology Wants - Kevin Kelly (Huge scope, quite engaging. Could have been abridged by 1/3)